All scientific presentations for which we have received the author’s permission are published below

Donnerstag, 06.06.2019 / Freitag, 07.06.2019

Plenary 1

Bernasconi Paolo: La protection légale des mineurs réfugiés

Plenary 2

Rossi Ilario: Paroles d’enfants, expériences de l’hôpital. Collaborations entre pédiatrie et anthropologie

Plenary 3

Ritz Nicole: Management of Tuberculosis in 2019

Niederer-Loher Anita: What is new? Swiss vaccination schedule 2019

Niederer-LoherAnita: Immunization and Migration

Session 1

Ramelli Gian Paolo: Early Diagnosis and Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorders: Esperience from the southern part of Switzerland

Session 5

Hadjikhani Nouchine: Short communication – Look me in the eyes – or not?

Schaer Marie: A multi-centric Swiss research protocol to measure the effets of early internvention in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Session 6

Heller Yvon: The Budapest Declaration On the Rights, Health and Well-being of children and Youth on the move

Session 7

Agyeman Ph., Bütcher M., Crisinel P.A.: Mosquito-borne diseases: Malaria, Chikungunya and Dengue

Session 9

Geiser Andreas, Ceppi Cozzio Camilla: Welcome to the Courage Zone in the Pediatric Office

Session 10

Fuchs Oliver: Migration as a challenge for paediatrics

Bettini Federico, Maiocchi Michela: L’école Penny Wirton: une expérience d’enseignement de la langue italienne aux jeunes imigrés

Session 11

Consolaro Alessandro: Rheumatic fever: diagnostic aspects

Session 12

Ramelli Gian Paolo: Choosing Wisely, Weniger ist mehr / SGP wählt weise

Workshop 1

Mattiello Veneranda: Caring for children with hemoglobinopathies: an uptade for the pediatrician

Workshop 3

Leoni-Foglia Corinna, Stefani-Glücksberg Amalia: Electrocardiogram: characteristics and interpretation in childhood and adolescence / Quiz

Freie Mitteilungen

Frey Urs: Digital Health and Research in Switzerland


Ramelli Gian Paolo: Autism and ADHD

Persico Antonio M.: Psychopharmacological intervention in Autism Spectrum Disorder


Junker Bettina: UNICEF Suisse et Liechtenstein